What I've Been Eating Lately

Nutella – on toast, on waffles, in pound cake or just a spoon straight into my mouth, I cannot get enough of the chocolately nutty goodness that is Nutella.

Oatmeal – Specifically Oat Revolution.  I spied this on the shelf & decided to give it a try.  I keep a box of instant oatmeal in my desk for easy breakfasts on days when I forget (or am too lazy) to pack something.  Its not as sugary sweet as the Quaker types & has more of a steel-cut texture.

Frozen waffles – for the aforementioned Nutella, obviously.

Sonoma Jack’s Spreadable Cheese – Think Laughing Cow, but cheaper.  I love to pair the light version with a sliced apple.  Yum!

Almonds – great source of protein on the go.  I always keep a canister in my desk for those super hungry days! So much healthier than heading for the vending machine downstairs.

& that’s what I’ve been eating lately.  What about you?



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6 responses to “What I've Been Eating Lately

  1. I pink puffy heart Nutella, which is why I can’t buy it. I’ll eat the entire jar.

    The only thing I’ve noticed an addiction for lately is hot tea. I’m usually a coffee girl but I’ve been having a cup of tea in the afternoon.

  2. Nutella is crack.

    I have been eating copious amounts of almond butter. Mainly because I don’t have nutella in my house. I’m coping I suppose.

  3. Yummy waffles! And back in the day, I used to be a HUGE nutella fan. 🙂

  4. Leah

    Okay now I totally want nutella. and waffles.
    This is a problem. And it’s your fault. 😉
    I’m totally on the way right now to demand nutella, waffles, and some puppy kisses from the furbabies.

  5. Well hi there, I see you’ve met my good friend Nutella 😉

    My latest food addition has been edamame. Delicious! I always thought it would taste just like a bean, but it has such a great roasted flavor.

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