Nachi Cocum Cozumel

While we were in Cozumel, instead of opting for the typical booze-cruise & snorkeling excursion, we did a little research first. My friend, Kate, found this fantastic all-inclusive beach club called Nachi Cocum via the Cruise Critic community (if you’re ever going on a cruise, I high suggest doing your research via Cruise Critic. The members are an invaluable resource!).

We poured over the pictures & reviews, & we were stoked at the $50 per person rate. If you’ve ever been on a cruise you’d know: $50 per person for an excursion is an awesome deal.

The club is a short 10-15 minute cab ride from the Port. We were easily able to get a cab & were greeted at the entry & forced to put on sombreros for an atrocious “Welcome” photo. That photo has since been destroyed to protect the innocent 😉

Okay, really? We were just too cheap to shell out the cash for it. It wasn’t exactly the best photo in the world of me.

Upon arrival, we met Manuel, our waiter. He led us to our cabana & got us a drink (coconut rum & diet coke for the ladies, margaritas for the gents).

Since Brandon & I left of towels on the ship (not wanting to lose them & get hit with a $35-per-towel fine), we just rented two from the resort for $6 a piece.The day started out a little cloudy & gloomy, but it was still beautiful nonetheless:

After a few drinks & dips in the ocean, it was time for lunch. Being an all-inclusive beach club, Nachi Cocum provides all the alcoholic beverages & an authentic Mexican lunch with your reservation. The menu had a surprisingly good selection of both American & Mexican entrees, but Kate & I poked fun at the many grammatical mistakes in it.  I ordered the Fried Chicken Tacos:

They were more like what we think of as tacquitos, but still delicious. The cheese? Was delicious. I love good cheese.

Brandon ordered beef tacos:

& of course, some french fries:

The food tasted really fresh – not that overly preserved American taste. The guacamole was so much better than what you’d find in the US. Everything was just wonderful!

We spent the remainder of our afternoon in the hot tub at the swim-up bar.

Eventually we ordered dessert, which was coconut ice cream topped with kahlua. Sadly, no picture because A) I was all wet from the hot tub & B) I don’t trust myself with my DSLR after I’ve been drinking.

Right before we left, we spied this guy:

It’s so weird seeing such huge iguanas just chillaxin’ where ever they want. They kinda freak me out.

Overall, Nachi Cocum was a diamond in the rough. It was quiet, beautiful & budget friendly. I’m a big fan & I’d suggest it to anyone. If you have any specific questions regarding the resort, let me a comment & I’ll get back to you.

As we headed back to the ship, we stopped at a few restaurants in the Port for some (more) beverages & photo ops:

Still coming – Super Sunday & an American Idol…



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  1. Aj

    I’ve never been on a cruise but this is such a good idea. We definitely want to go one day and I’ll have to keep this in mind!

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