Valentine Treats

Earlier this week, I was searching the interwebz trying to find a great recipe for Valentine’s Day. I wanted something sweet (of course), colorful (preferably pink), & fun, yet simple. I can’t remember exactly how I found them, but when I saw Love from the Oven’s Chocolate Covered Rice Krispy Treats, I knew I found my winner!

Love from the Oven used pre-made Rice Krispy treats, but I made mine own since I had the ingredients already. The choice is yours.

Need a recipe for plain rice crispy treats? Get the original.


-1 bag White Chocolate Chips

-Food coloring

-Assorted Sprinkles

First I melted my white chocolate in a double boiler:

Once its melted, add food coloring (I found 4 drops of red did the trick):

Set up your assembly line:

Dip the top into the white chocolate:

I had to use a spatula on a few to smooth out the chocolate.

Dunk into sprinkles:

I really wish I hadn’t waited until the last minute to go on a sprinkle hunt. I searched Publix, Target & Michaels yesterday for some cute Valentine’s-themed sprinkles with no luck. Thankfully, I already had red in my pantry (thanks, Christmas!) & some cute Easter pastels from last year. Whatever works, right?

Set out to dry:

This recipe was so easy & cute. I wish I would’ve invited my 5 year-old niece over to do it with me. I think I may make these again for Easter & have her come help me. I think she’d get a kick out of it.




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2 responses to “Valentine Treats

  1. Leah

    They look super yummy! I caved and bought a brownie mix. lol. I’m super fancy that way. haha!
    Although I might have to buy another red velvet ice cream creation to add the appropriate color. 😉

  2. So glad you liked the idea, thanks for reading the blog! 🙂 Those look like they turned out GREAT! While the pre-made treats are quick and easy, I don’t think they hold a candle to homemade rice krispy treats. The one exception being the rice krispy treats that are the size of my head at Disneyland. They are like rice krispy crack that I’ve yet to replicate (which honestly is probably a good thing or I’d just eat rice krispy treats all day, every day!). I think your niece would really enjoy helping out, they are simple, hard to mess up and I’ve yet to meet a kid that doesn’t enjoy playing with sprinkles.

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