Brucci’s – a Jax Fave

Ever since Ashlee told me about $1 slices & $1 draughts at Brucci’s on Thursday nights, Brandon & I have gone almost every week. I mean, what’s not to love about a $1 Yuengling?

Brucci’s has a variety of toppings to add to your $1 slice for an additional fifty cents or so. Brandon opts for feta, pineapple or pepperoni & I prefer bacon & feta:20110930-082805.jpg

This New York-style pizza is cheese-laden, greasy & delicious – the way a pizza should be. The ingredients taste fresh & there’s plenty of topping variety to spice up your slice. Nothing beats pizza & beer!

The spinach, goat cheese & pine nut salad is also pretty incredible. I prefer mine with balsamic vinegarette:

Brucci's Pizza on Urbanspoon



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7 responses to “Brucci’s – a Jax Fave

  1. Leah

    Mmmm… Looks delicious! 🙂
    You need to review the Mediterranean place we went to, but hopefully there won’t be families with small children all over next time. 😉

  2. Mmm…we have one near our house. Love them!

  3. Aj

    Yuengling. I love that stuff, it’s the only lager I like and I can drink it like it’s water.

  4. double yums!! maybes we can meet you there one of these weeks? we’re due for another visit your side of town…

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