Things I Have Never Eaten

And I Have No Desire To Try

Pork Belly: Don’t get me wrong, I love bacon… But something about pork belly just tickles my gag reflex like no other. Could it be the massive layer of fat on the top? Probably.

The McDonald’s Big Mac: Now, I’m no stranger to a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but I have never dove into the waters of the Big Mac. Why? No desire. “Special sauces” freak me out.

Cateloupe: I know, it totally doesn’t fit in with the first two entires. But, I have a reason. I was a picky child & I never tried canteloupe. It’s probably a good thing though seeing as years later while working at Applebee’s, I found I would break into a rash every time I sliced canteloupe for Sunday Brunch. Since then, I’ve been scared to try it cause Lord knows what actually ingesting it would do to me.

What foods have you never eaten & have no desire to try? Think you can sway my attitude toward any of these foods?



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13 responses to “Things I Have Never Eaten

  1. Errign

    Taco Bell & Beefaroni – right off the bat.

    I hate cantaloupe, so I have to agree with you for not wanting to try it. I wish I’d never had it. hahah.

  2. I can’t think of anything I’ve never eaten, except maybe squirrel stew, to which one of my redneck relatives referred at the last family gathering, and which I will never intentionally try. Otherwise, I’m pretty open-minded when it comes to that first bite. 🙂


    • Devon

      Squirrel stew?! Ew!

      I’m also not big on game-y type foods… Although I did eat Gator at a tailgate party in college.

  3. I have never tried a Big Mac either!! I’m the same way with special sauces.

  4. No interest in talking you into the first two, and cantaloupe, eh, I can take it or leave it. I’ll pretty much try anything, although now that I’m vegan it somewhat limits my choices. Even went for jellyfish once. Grossest thing ever.

  5. All of the above. Gross. I cant stomach McDonald’s at all. Cottage Cheese freaks me out & I refuse to try it.

  6. I’m lying I eat cantaloupe and love it, but I won’t talk you into it because it sounds like you *may* be allergic.

  7. Aj

    Definitely the first two! I never ate fast food growing up and certainly have no plans to start now! I do like canteloupe though…although it sounds like you might be allergic. Stay away! It’s not worth it.

  8. Oh man, I love me some Big Mac! That special sauce? Mayo+ketchup. Yum.

    But there are plenty of things in this world I have no desire to ever try. Most of these include meats other than the standard cow/pig/chicken.

    • Devon

      Well, that right there is why I don’t eat the “special sauce”…. Mayo + ketchup sounds like my own personal hell!

  9. Honestly? I’ve never eaten an orange in my entire life. The very thought of it makes me want to gag. I hate the smell of them too.


    And up until last year, I’d never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


  10. Leah

    Friends of mine make their own alcohol and the bottle also contains a real snake. I have no desire. They also won’t tell me what else it’s made of. I will NOT drink that mystery liquid. No gracias.

  11. Obvs. We’re the same.

    Never big mac, and loathe cantaloupe. BLECH.

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