A Nutella Banana Baby

What happens when this recipe & this recipe make sweet sweet love in my brain?


This happy surprise came to fruition while I was staring at 3 over-ripe bananas on my counter & daydreaming about Nutella Pound Cake. In short, prepare the banana bread like usual. When pouring the batter into the baking dish, stop halfway & spoon half a jar of Nutella into the dish. Top with the rest of the batter & use a knife to swirl. Enjoy the deliciousness.

I just ate a slice of this for breakfast along with some cottage cheese & man, it’s awesome. I definitely think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever created. I’m running (yes. literally running since it’s only a little over a mile away) to the gym for a New Rules of Lifting for Women workout as soon as I feel nice & digested…. typically about an hour. Then I’ll be spending the rest of my Sunday hunting for the perfect nude pump. White girl problems, y’all.

Have a great Sunday!



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2 responses to “A Nutella Banana Baby

  1. “White girl problems, y’all.”

    Hilarious! Did you find the perfect pumps? I’ve been looking for a pair too.

  2. That bread looks awesome, like I could eat every bite in just one sitting, which is exactly why I must never even consider making it, not even once. 😦

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