I Will Find An Excuse For Anything

Sunday, I was a woman on a mission.

I made a decision that I was using the baby shower I’m hosting for Ashlee this coming weekend as an excuse to obtain a baking tool I’ve long been coveting:

A donut pan.

Specifically, a mini donut pan.

In my mission, I went to Target, JoAnn’s, Bed Bath & Beyond & Kohls. No donut pan to be found.

So I settled on this little gal:

Come to mama, my little yellow friend..

The Babycakes Donut Maker. For $19.99. At Kohl’s. It was love at first sight.

& of course, I immediately busted her open & started making some chocolate donuts I found in the recipe book. I just had to test her out, right? RIGHT?!

The concept of the mini donut maker is pretty much the same as a waffle iron. Fill ‘er up with batter:

Close the lid for 4-5 minutes to cook:

Place them on a cooling rack & coat in sugar:

& stare at the beauty of your own, homemade mini donuts:

Side note: I ran last night. Outside. In the 90* heat. 3 full miles without stopping. Yes, this summertime treadmill devotee braved the sweltering heat & sweated her ass off for a full 35 minutes.

& you know what? It wasn’t so bad.



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8 responses to “I Will Find An Excuse For Anything

  1. Leah

    I’m so proud of you running outside. I’m not as determined as you. lol. At all.
    In other news, I didn’t know they made mini donut makers. I knew there were mini cupcake makers but not donuts. Damn you. 😉

  2. I can’t even think of an excuse, but I’m TOTALLY buying that! Hopefully my Kohl’s has them!

  3. ash

    OMG those are so cute! And the little donut maker is awesome! I can’t wait to see what you come up with 🙂

  4. I TOTALLY saw there whole mini machines of yumminess at Kohls and about keeled over with need! They look delicious.

  5. So how did they taste?

  6. I sure these were amazing!!!

  7. LOVE the idea of the mini-donut maker. There is so much I could do with that. How did you think this particular brand performed? I’d hate to spend much money on something like this, but if it does a good job, it could be fantastic!

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