Pink Shower for Baby Violet

Thank you for joining me at my new blog, Confections of a Food Bitch! I’m really excited to unveil this new endeavor of mine… For along time, I’ve felt that Run Sleep Rinse Repeat wasn’t quite *me*.  But now? I feel like this blog encompasses who I am at the core. Yeah, I like green monsters, but I also like sugar. And carbs. And judge all you want, but I eat some processed foods. So I invite you to read on & yes, I’ve kept some of my favorite recipes from the past year. Enjoy!

I decided that I needed to throw a babyshower when Ashlee told me that she was scared she’d get nothing but purple stuff for her baby, Violet. I love pink (shocking). I love Ashlee. I love entertaining. It was a pretty natural process.

On a Saturday in June, almost a dozen of us gathered to celebrate Ashlee & Violet.

On the menu was brie & field greens on croissants (with black cherry preserves on the side) & broccoli & goat cheese quiche:

Fruit skewers, Cheddar Puffs & Punch (yup, that’s a decanter of champagne you spy):

Mini Donuts:

& a pink layer cake:

My favorite part of everything was by far the cake. I was originally inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest a few months ago. I made the cake by starting with a vanilla cake. The first layer is plain & with every layer, I gradually added more food coloring. Perfect for a PINK baby shower!



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12 responses to “Pink Shower for Baby Violet

  1. ash

    Of course I love this post 🙂 But I also really love this blog! It’s adorable and it really is you! The shower was perfect, from the menu to the sophisticated feel and beautiful pink touches… loved it all.

  2. Love the new blog! I am with you on the pink!!! Great job on the cake!

  3. Leah

    LOVE the new blog. LOVE the pink cake (omg) and I love you. of course. 🙂

    I also agree that this blog is more “you.” Clean eating and fitness are obviously wonderful things but I’ll be damned if anyone judges me for wanting ice cream and carbs. 😉

  4. starpulp

    awesome!! love the blog name! lol

    ok..seriously. you took plain fruit and made it look amazing. i would have just piled it all in a bowl. i will definitely be upgrading my fruit presentation at my next gathering – which I need to find a reason to have now that I have two new serving dishes thanks to that awesome $10 of $10 Pier 1 coupon this week!!!

    Love the cake post – did you see the one on the Today show recently about the Rubik’s Cube cake? Yours reminded me of that! Too cute!

  5. Love the Blog Devon! I will totally have to follow once in a while …being a new bride, I am always looking for inspiration in the kitchen….and, yes, The Pink Layer Cake is simply adorable…will totally have to steal the idea! 🙂

  6. CS

    I’m sad I missed the shower (the invite’s still on my fridge too) as we were in Chicago that weekend. That CAKE looks so fun! And the mini donughts too! Let’s make up a baby (Stacey?) and do it again so you can create all of that yummy goodness….

    • starpulp

      CS you craaaazy. Who says it always has to be a party to celebrate a baby? I say.. lets have a party to celebrate I’m NOT preggo! Then I can use my new serving dishes I got for $1 at Pottery Barn!

      • Ladies.. We can totally just do this for shits & giggles. Let’s put on our prettiest cocktail dresses & sip champagne & eat mini-donuts. What do you think?!

  7. starpulp

    I think it sounds hilarious and like a great reason to get together EVERY MONTH. lol I would put on a dress for this.

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