What Do You Cook…

…When you’re cooking to impress?

Over the past few years, I’ve had many meals that became my go-to when I wanted to “impress” someone. In college, it was Ranch Chicken (packet of dry ranch dressing & breadcrumbs in a ziploc bag.. Shake & bake). When Brandon & I first moved in together, I transitioned to pot roast. About two years ago, it turned to crock-pot pulled pork.

But now.. I have a new favorite.

Chicken Rollatini with Prosciutto & Cheese, Cheesy Risotto & Steamed Green Beans:


Holy crappy pic. My apologies. I snapped quickly with my iPhone before we sat down to eat.

& based on the reaction of my in-laws to the dinner, I’d say it’s a winner.

& just because.. White Spider Mums that made me smile:




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4 responses to “What Do You Cook…

  1. Alexia

    My go-to is the Indian butter chicken PW featured once. Everyone loves it, and it’s pretty easy except you have to (should) marinade the night before!

  2. Leah

    I love the Butter chicken from PW too. (Hi Alexia!) So delicious and SO easy!
    But most times when I’m cooking to impress, I tend to bake. Cheesecakes usually. I love experimenting with different kinds.

  3. This looks A-MAZING! My go to is my amazing lasagna, but I may have to give this a whirl!

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