Packed & Ready

Let me preface this post with: OMG HOLY CRAP I LEAVE FOR EUROPE TODAY!

Today’s the big day! We leave this evening for our long anticipated vacation. Not going to lie… I’m pretty exhausted this morning. We ended up going to the Jaguars vs. Rams game last night (courtesy of my awesome boss):


But we only stayed until the 3rd quarter. I really wanted to be able to get some sleep, considered I needed to be in the office by 7 am.

I’ve spent last weekend in a packing frenzy Yes, I packed almost a week early. Shut up. It’s a good thing I did, or else I  might have had to turn down the Jags tickets or worse… compromise even more sleep (I love sleep).

 In these two bags I fit:

  • 1 sweater
  • 2 cardigans
  • 3 long sleeve t-shirts
  • 4 short sleeve t-shirts
  • 3 camisoles
  • 1 running tank
  • 1 long-sleeve running t
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pair of running tights
  • 1 pair of yoga pants
  • 1 pair of PJ pants
  • 1 pair of Coach sneakers
  • 1 pair of black pumps
  • 1 pair of flip flops
  • 1 pair of running shoes
  • 1 Trench Coat
  • 1 Rain Coat
  • 1 Faux Fur Shrug
  • 1 Grey Party Dress
  • 1 Casual Dress
  • 1 pair of black tights
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • Enough underwear to last a month (nothing worse than running out of underwear!)
  • Chi flat iron
  • Miscellaneous toiletries
  • iPhone Charger
  • My Precious Nikon & her battery charger
  • Garmin & charger
  • Electrical Adapter/Converter

The trick is wearing some of your biggest items on the plane. I knew I didn’t want to wear flip flops because my feet would freeze the second we got to Ireland. Therefore, I’m wearing my riding boots on the plane, along with a pair of jeans, a tshirt, my favorite Anthropologie blazer, a scarf (that can double as a thin blanket) & a belt. Yeah, I’m pretty much wearing everything but the kitchen sink, but I’m wearing two of my largest items – the boots & a blazer.

Also, we’re carrying-on all of our luggage which definitely presented its own packing challenge. I’ve found the best way to save space is to roll all articles of clothing. It’s amazing how much more you can fit into your luggage when rolling vs. folding.

Most importantly, let me tell you about my Bible . I love organization. Hello, I’ve had spreadsheets for this trip done for months now.

The Bible contains all important documents for our trip:

  • Flight boarding passes
  • Flight Vouchers
  • Train Tickets
  • Hotel Vouchers
  • Directions between airports, hotels & train stations
  • Tour tickets & information
  • Photocopies of our driver’s licenses & passport (if, God Forbid, they’re lost or stolen)
  • Maps
  • Walking tour routes

Did I mention it’s in chronological order by city? Yeah. I’m organized like that. I just really prefer to have everything in one spot so I always know where to find what I need.



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4 responses to “Packed & Ready

  1. Stephanie

    Aw, you’re a traveler after my own heart.. I love it! Warning: power adapters/converters are awesome but not perfect.. Watch your Chi.. It may get hotter than you intend! (I’ve fried many a hairdryer before). Have fun and think of us little people while you’re exploring the Louvre!

  2. Your level of organization makes my OCD senses tingle! I’m packing for a weekend in GA and am having a mild heart attack at fitting 20 books and my clothes into a carry on.

    Love your new blog btw!

  3. I’ve alwaysssssss rolled my clothes. & it’s great because things don’t get as wrinkled! Have a blast. & please take a like 14 trillion pictures under the Eiffel Tower!

  4. Leah

    I love your “bible,” especially bc I totally do the same thing.
    Although you pack much earlier than I do. I will organize my items in neat piles but can’t pack until the day or two before. Otherwise, I end up taking everything out at least twice.
    But I TOTALLY wear everything big or bulky on the plane. haha. I do. I layer clothes like a mo-fo. Even though I’m usually warm on flights more often than not.
    Make sure you let me know how the riding boots hold up comfort-wise, etc. I’m glad you got them!
    I’m SOOOO excited for you!! 😀 Have safe travels & I’ll miss you! xoxo

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