Europe Part 2: Paris

Upon our arrival in Paris, we could only think about one thing: Food.

After we checked into our hotel, we walked to the first little café we could find. The waiter spoke broken English & I speak very broken French, therefore I knew whatever ended up on our table would be a surprise. He suggested I get the special & I shrugged my head & obliged:

The chicken was moist & tender & the peppers gave it great flavor. Now I’m not a huge fan of peppers & tomatoes, but I actually enjoyed this dish. I only managed to eat about a 1/4 of the plate as the portion size was huge! I was expecting small portions! After a few bites, it occurred to me that I was sitting only about a mile from the Eiffel Tower & I became pretty antsy. I mean, PARIS! Come on. If you don’t get excited about that, then I don’t know. Just leave. Now.

We finished our food & decided to take a walk. I didn’t have a map, so I was just following what I remembered seeing on the map. We quickly found ourselves drinking the most amazing café au lait’s in front of the Eiffel Tower. Blissful.

We headed back to the hotel to change clothes & grab a map & then we headed out for a Seine River Cruise. We chose Bateaux Marches for good prices & good reviews on Trip Advisor. Going on the 1 hour cruise was a perfect way to start out our trip in Paris. We saw so many great sites within a quick hour & it definitely helped us get our bearings:


After the cruise, all I could think about was wine & dessert. So we walked across the street from the boat docks & had a variety of cafes & restaurants to choose from. Based on a quick cursory viewing of a few menus, we chose Le Grand Corona on Place de l’Alma.

I opted for crème brûlée:

While Brandon chose from assorted cakes & cookies:

Both of our desserts were fantastic. The crème brûlée was delightfully creamy & crunchy all at once.

Our server, Roger, was excellent & spoke English quite well. One of the biggest differences we noticed between the US & Europe was the quality of service we received overseas. It was so nice to have servers who actually cared about their patrons as opposed to the slacker attitude held by so many American servers. Even in casual restaurants, it was like getting fine dining service. As a former bartender/server, I hold great appreciation for these hard workers & their fantastic attitudes.

We looked over the dinner menu & decided immediately that we needed to come back for a full meal at one point.

After dessert & wine, we wandered the streets of Paris & headed back to what would soon become our favorite hangout spot (for obvious reasons):

& that’s just the first night in Paris.



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2 responses to “Europe Part 2: Paris

  1. Leah

    I love Paris. 🙂 I’m glad you had such a wonderful time there. I had no doubts that you would! And amen to the food there.

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