Cooking for One

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced now that I live alone is meal planning & cooking for one.

I haven’t had to cook for just myself since college & back then I wasn’t the healthiest eater. I worked in a restaurant & ate a lot of fried crap. I seldomly cooked. Things are a little bit different these days & it’s a totally new experience for me.

So far, here’s how I’ve been coping:

1) Making something I can eat pretty much all day every day

I have a love affair with tacos. Carnitas taco from TacoLu? Yum. Buffalo Chicken Tacos? Yum. Black bean & corn tacos pictured above? Extra yum. Tacos all day every day.

2) Making a casserole & freezing individual portions:

This Chicken & Curry Casserole is a favorite of mine (I sub the mayo for greek yogurt). I eat it a night or two, then freeze the rest for easy lunches & dinners.

3) Say “fuck it” & make mac & cheese:



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2 responses to “Cooking for One

  1. Leah

    I think your plan sounds great! and I’ll definitely have to try the casserole recipe. Looks delicious!

  2. Further proof we are soulmates…..I could eat tacos……and mac n cheese……every fucking day. Maybe throw in enchiladas for a little variety……

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