Hi, I’m Devon & I’m a Food Bitch.

food bitch (noun) – Cooking, baking, eating & drinking enthusiast who specializes in snark without the pretention of a “foodie”.

I bake (often spur the moment). I cook (a few nights a week). I drink (a lot of wine). I’m a proud Florida State alum & I love college football. I live in Jacksonville, Fl, & I work in insurance. I have a real dachsund named Kayne who often finds himself as the focus of my pictures. I also have a metal dachshund statue that guards my front door. His name is Jay-Z. & when I find the time, I like to run.

I got married at 24 & divorced at 27. I did the perky little housewife thing. I went to hell & back. Now I’m on a journey to finding my place & chronicling my love of food, running, my dog & life.

I am by no means an expert: I’ve never even attended a cake decorating class, much less culinary school. I’ve learned everything I know from my mama, Martha Stewart & the fabulous food blogging community. I know that I suck at photography, but I’m constantly trying to improve my skills.

Have a question/inquiry/request or just want to send me stuff? Email me at devon.stiles@gmail.com, follow me on Twitter, see the crap I’m obsessed with on Pinterest, or find me on Facebook.


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